Jeremy D Williams

How I plan to win for you this fall.

I have assembled a team that have the skills and experience to run a successful campaign. No training wheels here. We are ready for action now. (Please see our 'Team' page for more.) I have the financial backing to win this. Campaigns aren't won on hopes, they are won by experience, skill and proper funding.

Actions speak louder than words. And our team has been very active. We  sent  CPC members registered prior to March 19 a comprehensive voting kit  packed with information during the last nomination process. Information on:

•  All the details of the nomination meeting

•  The rules to vote and how ranked ballots work

•  An abbreviated CPC policy document

•  Candidate check list

•  Full colour map so you can find the nomination meeting

•  General info on nominees with links to get info direct from them

(along with a letter from me and a resumé, something many of you had asked for)

That's action. Not idle talk.

We have done an extensive outreach across the riding, in person and by phone.

We have sent out a few select emails, but relying on endless emails to flood your in-box won't win an election against the other parties.

And frankly, it's a little annoying for you.

I have a 888 number direct to my cell phone, call anytime. You can even text me direct from this website. I am available on all major social media platforms. I am working for you. Call or text me anytime. I want to hear directly from you about your priorities.

I am able to commit to work FULL TIME on the coming election. No distractions. For the next 7 months, winning will be my full time job.

We have a robust plan already in place to launch an effective and engaging social media campaign along with other direct face-to-face riding engagement events. This is now. Not a maybe, or a hope. We have a detailed plan in place and we know how to execute it.

We won't 'hope' we will win just because this used to be a 'safe riding'.

The Liberals are counting on our apathy and hope we pick someone who won't win the riding. The coming fall election will be a huge fight to keep our riding conservative. It's not business as usual. It will be an all out fight, and one that I can win. We will work hard and work smart to win for you.

It's no time for last minute candidates.

It's a time for somone with local experience.

It's time for choosing someone who knows our riding.

It's time to vote for me.

Let me be there for you.