Jeremy D Williams

Your MP is retiring and you will need someone to represent you.

After serving our community with tireless devotion for many years, MP David Tilson is passing the torch for another to represent you in Ottawa.

Some chose to run against him before it was time, I don't think that was the right thing to do. David served our community well and his years of hard work earned my respect. Which is why I’ve always supported him.

Now David is passing the torch to another who will represent you in Ottawa, it’s time for you to choose who will be there for you.  This is where you can help me to help you.

I’ve always fought hard for my community and I’ve always stood up for what is the right thing to do, not choose the politically easy way out. I supported David and now I ask for your support so I can build on his legacy and serve as your representative in Ottawa.

You need someone who will be there for you. Someone who listens and who fights for what you want. Someone with the experience and connections to support your goals and values. I’m doing this for you.

Five candidates put their name forward to your candidate this fall. We are now down to 3 nominees, myself being one of them. I'm also asking for your support so I can be your voice in Ottawa.

I want to hear what your priorities are in the next election, drop me a note to let me know.

Together, we will fight for the values that make Canada great.